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Pet Insurance: Is It Right For You?

Pet Insurance, is it Right for You?
Pet Insurance, is it Right for You?

Many of us manage our risks by getting insurance, whether it is medical, life, or auto insurance. Risk management and financial planning is just as essential for pets which is why pet insurance is a good idea. If an unexpected illness or accident comes your pet’s way, having pet insurance coverage for them would help decrease that expensive vet bill.

Pet insurance is a health insurance policy for your pet. Whether your companion is furry and four-legged, or slithery and reptilian, there are many types of pet insurance policies out there. However, the most common animals covered by pet insurance are cats and dogs. Many pet owners hope that they will not need pet insurance coverage for their pets, but the unexpected does happen. When dealing with pets, more so than not, medical care is needed suddenly and costs can soar into the thousands of dollars. Being prepared with pet insurance would substantially decrease the costs out of your wallet.

Pet insurance popularity has rapidly increased in the past few years, and as a result, fewer pets face “economic euthanasia”. Economic euthanasia is when someone, typically without pet insurance, faces a large veterinary bill and it is less expensive just to put the pet to sleep. Pet insurance helps people pay for expensive bills and saves them from these difficult decisions. Since pet insurance policyholders don’t have to struggle with difficult financial decisions, more pets are able to come home and recover from those expensive medical procedures. Having pet insurance in these cases is a savior, especially if you are unable to pay that sum of money for your beloved pet.

Enrolling your pet with pet insurance is beneficial whether they are old or young. Because younger pets are more accident prone, it is useful to enroll them with pet insurance. Younger pets tend to be more mischievous and having pet insurance would ease those financial worries when a trip to the vet is required.

Older pets are more susceptible to age-related medical problems, and getting pet insurance before those occur is ideal. If you know for a fact that your pet will require many vet visits, pet insurance is right for you. Some pet insurance companies even cover older pets that develop common conditions such as hip dysplasia, diabetes, or even cancer. Long term treatments for medical conditions are very expensive, but pet insurance covers a large portion of those costs which is extremely helpful. Having pet insurance saves you the financial burden and allows you to keep your pet healthier and properly treated.

It is important to research pet insurance companies and pet insurance policies to understand what is covered in case your pet ever needs of medical attention. Pet insurance companies differ in their policies and have different limitations on many conditions. Some pet insurance companies simply do not cover certain conditions. It is extremely important for pet owners to look for pet insurance policies that will satisfy theirs and their pet’s medical needs. Understanding and comparing pet insurance policies is crucial prior to purchasing a pet insurance policy for your pet. Doing so will help avoid an unpleasant surprise later down the road if your claims are ever denied.

Having pet insurance is very similar to buying extended warranty on your car. However, with pet insurance, it is clearer as to when you would actually need to use it. It is somewhat predictable that your pet will be more susceptible to age-related conditions as it grows older. Pet insurance may not be for everyone, but if you have an older pet with congenital or hereditary problems, or mischievous young one, pet insurance is beneficial to have.

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