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Shaka’s Pet Insurance Saved His Life

Shaka's Pet Insurance Saved His Life
Pet Name: Shaka
Treated For: Hock OCD, Diarrhea, IBD
Total Repaid: $7,525.05
Time to Process Claims: 2 days

This little guy was the perfect puppy. His mother was a Canadian champion and his father was a Danish champion. Given his pedigree, it seemed impossible that he should have any health problems—and he is related to my last Rottie who was the picture of health throughout her life. My vet, however, was quite adamant that I get insurance. Acquiescing to his suggestion has pretty well saved both our lives. My little guy ended up have having Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which took 8 months and endless tests to diagnose (including a bowel biopsy). And then he had to have operations of both his hocks for OCD.I don’t do endorsements. But vet insurance paid all the bills within days of receiving the receipts without any questions asked. As a result, I personally recommend this insurance to everyone who will listen: not because I have stocks in the company, but because I love my dog and I am grateful to them for being there for us.

– Susan H.

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