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Top 10 Springtime Pet Names

Spring is finally here! That means sunshine, warm rain showers, the outdoors and plenty of flowers. 🙂

Spring is also a great inspiration for naming our pets as those names remind us of the happiness that accompanies springtime. We recently went through our pet insurance database of insured cats and dogs with Trupanion and tallied up the top ten spring-related pet names.

We found:

394 pets named Daisy
317 named Lily, Lilly, or Lillie
70 called Sky or Skye
65 named Sunny or Sunshine
30 pets named Rose or Rosey
27 Clovers
9 pets named Rain or Rainbow
8 named Flower (one of which is named Honey Bee Flower)
8 pets named Cloud or Cloudy
and 7 named Petunia.

Wishing you and your pets a happy and sunny springtime!


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