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Trupanion Launches Cat and Dog Breed Guide

Pet insurance company, Trupanion launches a breed guide including dog, cat, and common health concern information for pet owners.

March 19, 2010 — Trupanion, a pet insurance company based in Seattle recently launched several pet guides on their website for pet owners. This new addition to the website includes a dog breed guide, cat breed guide, and a pet health problems and symptoms guide.

Trupanion pet insurance cat and dog breed guide
Trupanion pet insurance cat and dog breed guide

Trupanion’s dog and cat breed guides are full of information, including cat and dog breed descriptions, photos, history, maintenance, as well as pet characteristics such as temperament, trainability, and intelligence, and were created to aid pet owners in finding the pet best suited for them. Trupanion aims to educate pet owners about common, breed specific health concerns.

The pet health problems and symptoms guide contains information pertaining to common cat and dog health problems and conditions. The newly-added, alphabetized health concerns list contains information about health conditions specific to each cat and dog breed. Pet owners will find a wealth of common health concerns accompanied by descriptions of symptoms, diagnosis, treatment options, and average cost of treatments for each condition. Trupanion hopes that pet owners will learn more about their pet’s breed, the health problems to which it is prone, and aid them in the financial planning for their pets’ expenses.

About Trupanion
Trupanion pet insurance offers cat insurance and dog insurance in the United States and Canada. Trupanion is self-underwritten by the American Pet Insurance Company, allowing Trupanion to offer a customizable pet insurance policy with no benefit schedules. Enrolled pets receive $20,000 of lifetime coverage for diagnostic tests, surgeries, and medications if they get sick or are injured with no annual limit. Trupanion’s mission is to protect the cherished bond between pets and their families by ensuring that pets are able to receive optimal veterinary care. For more information about Trupanion, call 800-569-7913 or visit

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