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Trupanion Website: New Features pt. 2

Recently, I talked about the new features of the Trupanion. There is one I did not mention which is the new live chat feature available on almost every page of the website.

When browsing the Trupanion website or getting a pet insurance quote, you may notice the “Online Support” button in the top right-hand corner.

If it says “Chat Online Now” with an awake doggy, then our customer service team is ready for your questions. We can help guide you through the quote process, answer your questions about Trupanion or any basic pet insurance questions. We’re here to help!
Sometimes, the Online Support will say “Leave a Message” with a sleeping doggy. This feature allows you to fill in your name and e-mail address and any or all pet insurance questions which will be sent directly to the info box. These messages will typically be answered within 24 hours.

Stop by and chat with us sometime! We are happy to help and we don’t think that any question is a “dumb question”.  🙂

From the folks at Trupanion pet insurance, we thank you for visiting our blog and being a part of the community. It is our goal to educate pet owners everywhere about the importance of pet care, positive pet parenting, pet safety, and the many advantages of Trupanion pet insurance. Thanks again for visiting our blog and remember to protect your pet and yourself with Trupanion pet insurance.


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