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What is Dog Insurance?

When I first started working at Trupanion and told people that I worked at a dog insurance company, they looked at me funny. More often than not, people laughed and said “dog insurance….what is that?!”

No, it’s not to recoup your money if your pet is lost or stolen. Just like human health insurance, dog insurance was created to protect pet owners against unexpected veterinary bills. Two-ish years later, as I tell people my occupation I hear this question less. More often, people are a little more understanding and have some story of a friend’s, mom’s or other relatives’ family pet who had to have surgery and it cost them $2,000.

With a Trupanion dog insurance plan, the dog would have (currently) $20,000 in lifetime coverage. Each bill would be paid at 90% of what the vet charged you. Trupanion’s dog insurance plan covers the unexpected accidents and illnesses, so that you never have to tap into that “vacation fund” or “kitchen remodel fund”. Instead, you can budget for the monthly premium expense, and know that if Rover falls and breaks his leg, leaving you with a $1,500 bill, you will be able to fix him up.

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