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What Does Dog Insurance Cover?

Not to be mistaken with some sort of property insurance, dog insurance does not reimburse pet owners if their dog is lost or stolen or dies. Think of it more like human health insurance, in that it covers veterinary costs associated with an injury or illness.

The whole concept behind insurance in general is to give you a back-up if something unexpected happens, right? Well, dog insurance isn’t any different. The Trupanion dog insurance plan covers diagnostic tests, medications, and surgeries on all accidents and illnesses that were not pre-existing; that is, any accidents or illnesses which did not occur or show signs or symptoms before signing up for the insurance.

Say, for example, your dog develops diabetes and now requires monthly shots or medications, Trupanion’s dog insurance policy would cover these monthly medications for the life of the pet (of course, given that there were no signs of diabetes before signing up).

Similarly, if your new puppy stumbles and fractures a paw and needs x-rays, pain medications, and a cast, Trupanion’s dog insurance policy would cover all three pieces (again, given that this fall didn’t happen before signing up for the insurance).

A common question I hear is “why don’t you cover pre-existing conditions?”. Think of it this way – does it make sense to get car insurance on a car you’ve just crashed? Or house insurance on a house that’s just flooded?


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