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A week in the life of Porky

Ahh.. What a week! I think the kids are out to drive me crazy. Anabelle, my four-year-old, likes to play games. She doesn’t understand that I don’t like some of her toys. So when she falls asleep I eat them. That way we don’t have a problem.

I am a good dog but since I can’t talk I have to leave some pretty big hints. I’m trying to teach my puppy Miss. Piggy all of my tricks but she’s a little hard headed (you know how bulldogs are). It works out for me because I’m top dog of the pack but I think I need a spring break. She decided to destroy all of our toys.. Puppies!

This week we played with our cousin bear. He’s a lab and about the same age as me. I’m telling you he’s all paws! He goes a hundred miles an hour. I like to save my energy for the important stuff but he runs miles around me. We also had my favorite foster dog go home. It’s nice to have the house back to myself. When it’s just us because I get to take more truck rides. Well off to hop into bed. I hear next week we are going to the beach.


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