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Beware of Identity Theft This Easter (Cute)

It appears as though “somebunny” is trying to steal our pets’ identities. Can you spot the bunny in each picture?

Here is enough cuteness to last for days, enjoy this viral e-mail and have a great weekend!

Black and white bunnies with black and white kitten

Black and white bunny with Bernese Mountain pup

black and white kitten and bunny with sable bunny and kitten

caramel colored kitten snuggling caramel colored bunnyfloppy eared bunny and kitten snuggling

yellow lab and bunny side by side

sheepdog puppy and bunny together

coon hound puppy and bunny together

irish setter and reddish brown bunny together

golden retriever puppy with blond bunny

sleeping golden retriever puppy snuggled by blond bunnies

 siamese kitten and bunny

australian cattle puppy snuggling with bunnies

dog kissing bunny

gray kitten with gray bunny

black and white kitten with black and white bunny

Maybe they heard we only offer pet insurance to dogs and cats and they wanted to be part of the Trupanion family. 😉

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