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'Bye to Cato

I am currently one of the few people working for Trupanion who does not live with a pet.  Until a couple of months ago, I had a really great Pixie-Bob named Cato, who would have been six in June.  He was polydactyl, so his front paws looked like catcher’s mitts, and he had a short Manx tail.  He fetched, and was very social.  We were told he made himself at home at Christmas open houses in our old neighborhood, and walked up to say hello to people even though they were out walking their dogs.  He was a colorful animal, and had a colorful end, though it was terribly upsetting to me and my children.

My new neighborhood near the Arboretum is visited by coyotes.  The one howling on my lawn at 2:00 a.m. a couple of months ago was apparently the one who killed my cat.  Sadly, pet insurance cannot solve every possible misfortune.  Cato wasn’t an animal who could be kept indoors all the time, but if I’d realized there were coyotes in my area I would have figured something out.   There have been coyote reports recently in several Seattle neighborhoods.  If your pet is anything other than a large dog, find out what the predator situation is in your area and care for your pet accordingly.

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