'Bye to Cato

I am currently one of the few people working for Trupanion who does not live with a pet.¬† Until a couple of months ago, I had a really great Pixie-Bob named¬†Cato, who would have been six in June.¬† He was polydactyl, so his front paws looked like catcher’s mitts, and he¬†had a short Manx tail.¬† He fetched, and was very social.¬† We were told he made himself at home at Christmas open houses in¬†our old neighborhood, and walked up to say hello to people even though they were out walking their dogs.¬† He was a colorful animal, and had a colorful end, though it was terribly upsetting to me and my children.

My new neighborhood near the Arboretum is¬†visited by¬†coyotes.¬† The one howling on my lawn at 2:00 a.m. a couple of months ago was apparently the one who killed my cat.¬† Sadly, pet insurance cannot solve every possible misfortune.¬† Cato wasn’t an animal who could be kept indoors all the time, but if I’d realized there were coyotes in my area I would have figured something out.¬†¬† There have been coyote reports recently in several Seattle neighborhoods.¬† If your pet is anything other than a large dog, find out what the predator situation is in your area and care for your pet accordingly.

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  1. Brent says:

    I’m sorry to read about Cato.

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