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Cat Insurance: A Good Thing to Have

Did you know that the punishment for killing a cat in ancient in Egypt is death? Current times, it is not that extreme but don’t think you will get off lightly. There should be no reason for killing your pet cat unless there is absolutely nothing that you can do. Having cat insurance it helps with the unnecessary euthanization.

Cat insurance with Trupanion allows pet owners the ability to choose their own deductible. With this option, if you chose to do a higher deductible, than your monthly premium would be lower than it would be if you were to choose a lower deductible. This customization gives owners more flexibility when it comes to affording cat insurance.

Yes, a lot of people have cats that are always indoors and you may think, what are the chances of them getting injured? Well, do you really want to risk it? Having cat insurance doesn’t cover just the broken legs and tails but you have to think about the chances your cat getting sick as well! Cat insurance with Trupanion covers diagnostic tests, surgeries and medications. Medications can be key because some of the time you have to pay per pill, which can make a dent into your bank account. Having it 90% covered sounds pretty appealing, doesn’t it?

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