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Cat insurance for an Ailurophile

Are you an ailurophile?

Would you say that you love cats?

Well then, you are an ailurophile. Since you are a cat lover, the next question would be is do you have cat insurance? If not, what kind of ailurophile are you?! I’m not saying that you are a bad cat lover because you don’t have cat insurance, but wouldn’t you want to be the best owner for your cats?

If you have cat insurance with Trupanion then you are the best ailurophile that I know! Being a cat lover and having cat insurance seems to go hand in hand. Not only that cat insurance doesn’t make such a dent in your check book. The monthly premium for cats can vary depending on what you choose for your deductible. But the average price is around $15 to $20 dollars. $15 dollars?! That right there is a t-shirt! Totally worth it, don’t you agree?

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