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Cat Insurance: For new kitty owners

Cat insurance in the United States is somewhat of a new concept, but in reality it has been available around the world for over sixty years! Trupanion pet insurance allows you to enroll pets not only in the United States but also in Canada as well!

Cat insurance with Trupanion is great thing for first time kitty owners. Kittens are of course cute to look at, but have you heard of the quote “curiosity killed the cat?” Cats are curious creatures and sometimes they need a constant watch over them.

Recently I read an article that was a couple years old where these two women were found guilty of “cruelly ill-treating” a kitten. This kitten was around 8 weeks old and accidentally injured itself with a door. Instead of taking the kitten to either have it fixed or euthanized, they felt they needed to take matters in their own hands by beating the kitten to death with a bat. Their reason is that they could not afford euthanizing the poor kitty and wanted to take the kitty out of its misery. If these two women had invested in cat insurance, then this situation would have not been an issue.

As you can read, cat insurance is pretty important to have especially if you have a kitten. With a kitten, you never know what they are going to get into, and let’s face it, you can’t always be watching them. Cat insurance gives you the release of stress and anxiety that comes with owning a kitten. With Trupanion, we recommend getting cat insurance as soon as you can because there is no increase in the premium due to aging. So the younger, the better. Take care of your new kitty, get cat insurance!

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