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Cost Benefits of Cat Insurance

If you own a cat and even multiple cats, you should consider getting cat insurance. I know that money might be tough, especially in times like these but cat insurance with Trupanion is pretty affordable.

If you go on the homepage on the Trupanion’s website you are able to do a free quote! So there is no obligation to actually purchase it but you can see what you are actually getting with the policy. The benefit of getting cat insurance through Trupanion is that we don’t increase your monthly premium just because your cat gets older! That would just be unfair. Here is some free advice: Get cat insurance as soon as you can, especially when they are younger!

The price of cat insurance can vary and it depends all on you. With the policy you are able to choose your own deductible which can affect how much you will be paying per month. The deductible ranges from paying a zero deductible to $1000. If you chose to have a low deductible for example choosing a $50 deductible, you will be paying a little higher premium than you would if you chose to have the $1000 deductible. Lucky for you, you get to choose. Cat insurance can start as low as $12 dollars a month to maybe around $40 dollars a month all depending on what you choose as your deductible  and where you live. As you can see, cat insurance is very affordable! With the average price being around $20 dollars a month, I think you can afford not eating out just once.  🙂

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