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Dog Tricks: Fetch

Teaching your dog tricks is one of the most enjoyable things you can do with your canine companion. It is an excellent way to interact with one another and can help build a strong bond between owner and pet. It is a great outlet for energy and can help build a pet’s intelligence, confidence, and improve your pets health. This week, let’s learn how to teach our pets how to “fetch”!

There are some great methods on how to teach your dog how to fetch. Some dogs may have an easier time due to natural instinct to go and retrieve an object, but with time and practice, this fun trick can be learned quite quickly. If your dog naturally doesn’t fetch, a good way to begin is to get a toy that you can throw and put treats in. If you don’t have one, a tennis ball works just fine. Just cut a slit in the tennis ball and put treats in it. Show your dog the treats in the ball or toy, let them have one, and then throw the ball and say “fetch!” Run with your dog to retrieve the ball or toy, and then give them a treat. With daily or frequent practice, you may eventually be able to throw a ball and have your dog fetch it on its own. This is a great trick to do outdoors, especially at the park now that spring is here!

If you have already taught your dog how to fetch, let us know how you did it and if you can offer other pet owners some advice!

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