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Dog Tricks: Shake

Dogs loves to learn new tricks, it helps them stay alert, energetic, and most of all, they get a treat out of it! Some dog breeds have more of an instinct to learn certain tricks, such as “fetch” and carry things back with their mouths, so if you have trouble teaching your dog a new trick, choose another one that may be easier for your dog to learn. Here is a good one to start with: “Shake”.

Shake Hands Trick:

Begin by having your dog sit. Say “shake” and take their paw and hold it with your hand. Repeat the shake motion and saying “shake”. Hold their paw and say “good dog” or what you usually say when they do something good, and reward them with a treat. Try this several times each day, and every day until your dog learns so they become familiar with the action. Eventually, tell your dog to “shake” and see if they can raise their paw on their own, if not, just keep teaching them and they will surely pick it up. Just have fun with it!


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