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Dog Tricks: Turn Around or Twist

Dog tricks are a great way to have fun and bond with your dog. Dogs love to learn new things, which will improve their alertness, and they even get a treat out of learning new tricks! Everyone loves dog tricks and it is an excellent way of showing how well trained and intelligent your pet is, and it is a great indicator of how well you have bonded with your dog.

Beginning the “Turn Around” trick, have your dog standing and facing you. Let your dog see a treat in your hand and stand still. Tell your dog to “turn around” and lead your dog’s nose in a circle with the treat so they can walk in a circle. After completing a full circle, say “good dog” or whatever else you say to your dog when they did something good, and give them a treat. Practice several times per day and try to do it daily until your dog learns. Eventually you won’t have to lead them with your hand and a treat and they should be able to do it on their own. Just have fun with it and your dog will too!

*Photo courtesy of: YeePet

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