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Feeding and Caring for Your Puppy

Feeding and Caring for Your Puppy
Feeding and Caring for Your Puppy

You’ve probably got a load of manuals or printouts from various websites regarding dog etiquette and puppy care. Or maybe you have had a puppy before and are not new to pet ownership. Either way, it’s not a bad idea to review general guidelines for optimal puppy care.

The Need to Feed

Dogs are social eaters and will eat to please their parents and most importantly, because they need to stay alive. And here’s another interesting tidbit – dogs can smell their food but not taste it. Pick foods designed for your puppy but beware of giving too many vittles or vitamins to your puppy as it may lead to hip dysplasia later on. Also, resist the urge to give table scraps or people food to your puppy. It’s not the healthiest choice and can kick-start a bad habit. With your puppy, consistency is a great thing.

So what can you do? Unless advised otherwise, feed your puppy three times a day until he’s 12 weeks. After that, feed him twice a day. Let your puppy pig out for fifteen minutes and then pick up the food bowl. He won’t overeat, he’ll enjoy the feeding immensely, and he won’t become a picky eater. Unlike the food bowl, leave a bowl of fresh water out for your puppy at all times.

And it’s always a good idea to check in with your veterinarian regarding proper care for your puppy. Just like us, he or she is there to help you raise a happy and healthy dog. Your vet can advise you on regular checkups, vaccinations, and grooming needs.

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