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Finn’s “Security Blanket”

First, some background on Finnegan.

Finn’s my rescue, though some may not think so. He’s not from a mill. Or a rescue organization. I got him through a breeder at the age of 15 months.

Finn was supposed to be a show dog. I suppose it’s in his genes. His grandfather is Mick – the famous Kerry Blue who won Crufts and Westminster in the same year.

But the breeder became ill and ended up crating Finn for most of his young life. He was in bad shape when we got him. His hair was shaven short. He was very underweight. He had bleeding cuts on his sides (I suspect from a rushed – and long overdue – grooming job).

Developmentally, my vet said he was at the 7-month-old level. He had very little muscle tone. Add to that worms, fleas and ears that hadn’t been plucked in more than a year.

The saddest thing of all: Finn didn’t know how to play. I specially picked out a toy for his arrival home. It was a little yellow taxi cab and I was sure Finn would love it. But he just sat and stared…not sure what to do.

Finnegan and his "baby" resting outside.

Fast forward 17 months. Finn is happy little boy with the BIGGEST play drive I’ve ever seen. He’ll turn anything into a game. And I’m delighted to report that he’s figured out the toy thing.

His favorite toy of them all? The Hard Boiled Softies by Kyjen (we just call them “babies” in our house). They are his toys of choice. In fact, we own the entire collection – all 6 of them. Finn picks them up when he’s happy. He grabs one when it’s time to eat. Potty break? He’ll take one with him for company. And if he hears thunder or a loud noise, he’ll seek out his “babies” to comfort him.

Does anyone else’s dog have a security blanket…a toy he or she always seems to turn to?

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