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Health Benefits of Owning a Cat

For those who do own cats, did you know that there is a health benefit of owning a cat? With cat insurance, this will also help ensure the life of your cat in the long run.

For a family, a little bit after a baby is born, having a cat around can decrease the risk of allergies caused by animals and asthma. There has been some research that children living with animals are less likely to get sick than those who do not have pets. Cats can be extremely therapeutic  to children with disorders like autism as well.

Having cats around can decrease the chances of having a heart attacks, blood pressure is usually lower, and longevity tends to last longer than those who do not have pets. Also, it has been noted that those who do not own a cat (and even if they own a dog) have a higher chance of dying of cardiovascular disease. The reasons are unknown but as you can see it is better to own a pet than to not.

If you want your cat to survive as long as you, than the best idea is to have cat insurance. With cat insurance you are able to afford such large vet bills and you never have to choose to voluntarily euthanizing your cat just because of the expenses!

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