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Hip Hop Hooray – A Very Kerry Easter!

They’re on the hunt. Fierce determination. Noses down. Sniffing. Darting from room to room. Looking under chairs…on tabletops. Small whimpers follow.

Finnegan and Fiona know that I brought home something fun in those white Walgreens bags. And they’re certain it’s for them.

Despite my best efforts to hide the bags in the closet, they can’t be distracted. So they wait. And wait. Right outside the closet. Even though I can’t see their eyes beneath their fall, I know the Kerries are doing their best to give me The Look.

“Not until Easter,” I told them.

Finally the day arrives. Oh joy! Finn and Fiona wake extra early sensing the excitement.

Fiona checking out the Easter baskets.

I pull out the bags and begin building the baskets. A chenille stuffed frog for Fiona. A plastic, blow-up “soccer” ball for Finn. The Kerries dance about in anticipation of their Easter surprise.

Time for gifts! Finn releases a high-pitched squeal of delight (no exaggeration) when he sees his new ball…and promptly busts it in less than three minutes. But what a gloriously fun three minutes it was!

Fiona sweetly picks up her frog and prances about the yard…until Finn declares ownership rights.

And to complete the day: a nice warm dinner with bits of ham – always a household favorite.

How did you spend your holiday with your pets? Give your furkids any special Easter surprises?

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