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Housebreaking Your Kitten

Kittens take to the litter box like fish to water… most of the time. As early as four weeks old, you can housebreak them in three easy steps.

1. Place your kitten in the litter box after each feeding, rubbing his silky front paws in the litter as though he’s scratching the surface. This has the added benefit of introducing your kitten to an approved scratching area, rather than a surface-like your new sofa-that’s supposedly off limits.

2. Keep the box clean, scooping out clumps and changing the litter regularly. Try to be consistent with the brand of litter (an unscented litter with a fine grain is best), as your kitten’s acute sense of smell may be turned off by a new scent.

3. If your kitten is reluctant to use the box and there are other cats in your household, introduce a separate litter box for your kitten. If he still refuses to use the box, remove the hood of the box or the plastic liner. Still no luck? Other factors may be at play under the surface; take your kitten to the veterinarian for a urine test or stool sample analysis.

It shouldn’t be long before your new kitten is going about his business all by his big self.

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