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How Much Does Dog Insurance Cost?

Likely, when you start(ed) looking around for dog insurance, you notice(d) that prices can really vary – anywhere from $8 per month, up to over $150 per month. This then forces you to dig in deeper to see what you actually get for your money.

Let me simplify things a bit, chances are, if you’re only paying $8 a month for a dog insurance plan, you’ll have severely limited coverage. Similarly, if you’re paying an upwards of $150 per month you either have a much older pet, or have a very all-inclusive plan selected.

That’s from a broad sense. Now let’s break it down a little bit.

Many pet insurers offer multiple dog insurance plans, different co-insurance options, various deductibles, different policy add-ons, etc. Of course, all of these things holding different price factors. If this is sounding confusing, it’s probably because it is. How are pet owners supposed to know which plan to pick? Is that $35 plan that much better than the $20 plan? Should you pay an extra $5 per month to gain an extra $1,000 in coverage for cancer?

I’m sorry to say, that I’m not going to answer those questions for you, but I will explain how Trupanion has simplified all of the above. Trupanion offers one dog insurance plan, which includes coverage for injury and illness, and allows you to adjust your per incident deductible which in turn adjusts your monthly premium. We offer one possible add-on, which is for hip dysplasia coverage, which can be added at time of enrollments for pets under 1 year old. Plans with Trupanion average around $20-30 with a $500 deductible, depending on the breed of your dog and where you live.

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