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It’s a dogs world; we just live in it.

Deep in the heart of the bluegrass live Misty, a 6 lb toy poodle & Waylon, a 9 lb pekingese/poodle mix (or commonly referred to as a peek-a-poo) & I must say they are two of the most selfish, jealous, attention grabbing creatures I’ve ever met in my life but I can honestly say they’re my everything & without them my world would be completely dark.

I got Waylon when he was just a puppy a little over a year ago (August 21, 2008 to be exact.. you never forget the birth of your children) & Misty has only been with us for a less than a year but I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

We recently moved into a new apartment, Waylon hates the neighbors. He hates them, he hates their dogs, he hates their children, he just hates everything about them. He’s definitely not a friendly dog, now don’t get me wrong his bark is most definitely bigger than his bite… in fact he doesn’t have a bite at all, however none of my neighbors know this because he refuses to allow them to get within 2 feet of him. Sometimes he forgets exactly how small he is.

Misty is the total opposite. She’s scared of everything, falling leaves, she runs & curls up by my feet, a car door slamming, she runs & curls up by my feet. It’s kind of cute actually. I’ve always said they should change the name of a “toy poodle” to a “cuteasalittlebutton poodle” in honor of her.

(don’t you agree?) She craves attention, as they both do actually. It’s impossible to play with just one of them without the other running up with a rope or a squeaky rubber cheeseburger or something. Watching TV is pretty much how I get them to calm down. Turn on the TV and walk away, just like babysitting children (except these are my children & I don’t get paid to let them watch TV) Waylon loves watching, I think Misty loves to hear it more so than to watch it. She’ll sit in the floor at a stand still except its as if she doesn’t exactly know what she’s watching or where the sound is coming from because she tends to stare in the wrong direction. Waylon loves Survivor. (He’s a huge Parvati fan) Thursday nights at 8pm are his TV time. (He’s also a huge basketball fan, but he’s still drowning his sorrows in Milk-bones after Kentucky’s early elimination in the NCAA, so shhh! lets not bring that up.)

I could spend all day talking about my children, like my mini heart attacks I endure when Waylon breaks off his leash, his greedy behavior, Misty’s inability to tell when the sliding glass door is closed or open & her fear of the dark.. but we’ll get more into that in the coming weeks, for now its just an introduction. Plus, remember, Waylon isn’t too friendly with strangers, we gotta take baby steps when introducing him to new people.

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