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Obedience School: Calling It Quits

Fiona is an obedience school dropout.

There, I said it.

It took me by surprise, actually. Fiona was the star of her puppy class. Follow that up with stellar performance at her “Terrible Teens” obedience session.

So naturally I signed her up for the next round in the line-up: Finishing School. The eight-week course was preparation for the Canine Good Citizen exam.

Fiona rocked at puppy obedience – what changed?

Our run of success seemed to, well…run out. Fiona regressed in the class, becoming more interested in inspecting specks on the floor than sitting or heeling.

She “put her breaks on” when it was time to walk or flailed about at the other end of the leash.

She preferred giving kisses to coming when called.

Sigh. So after a long (very long!) five weeks, we decided to call it quits.

It’s my fault, really. I should have asked more questions. If I did, I would have found out that the class consisted of endless sits, downs and stays. And the instructor liked to talk…A LOT. Not a good scenario for an energetic one-year-old terrier.

There’s no way my girl would stay in a mind-numbing sit at my left for 20 minutes at a time. Maybe someday…but not now.

Heck, even I was bored at the class. Me and Fiona would exchange yawns of disinterest.

So, for now, Miss Fiona will be practicing at home. And that’s totally okay.

Any other dropouts out there?


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