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Open Door Policy

It was 7 p.m. Tuesday evening. Cool, I thought, just enough time to run to the bathroom before taking Fiona to the vet.

I walk to the bathroom with Fiona following closely behind. Fiona stops and gives me a blank stare as I shut the door with her on the other side.

“Rrrreeoooowwww.” Fiona is the master of making funny – and strange – noises when she’s trying to communicate.

Mommy, there are no closed doors in this house!

“One minute Fiona…”

Bark. A second passes. Bark. Bark.

“Fiona, I said one minute…”


The bathroom door flies open. Fiona smugly strolls in, proud that she can open the door at her whim.

I attribute this to her housebreaking days. Any time I would go into the bathroom and shut the door, she would pee on the floor right outside. It never failed. So after stepping in one too many puddles, I got into the habit of not shutting the door. Problem solved. Or so I thought.

Now, it seems, we have an eternal open door policy at our house (at least when it comes to the bathroom). Guess I’ll have to warn guests.

Anyone else have a dog that prefers open doors?

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