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Pet Health Concerns: Allergies

Pet owners aren’t the only ones susceptible to allergies; many of our pets may be prone to allergies as well. Allergies are an immune disorder that is the cause of an over-activation of mast cells in the body that lead to inflammatory responses.  Pet allergies present themselves in the form of respiratory problems including sneezing and wheezing. Other symptoms of allergies are itchy skin, vomiting, or diarrhea. Several common causes of pet allergies include food, fleas, and inhalants.

Allergies can prove to be uncomfortable for pets and quite costly. Enrolling your pet with pet insurance at a younger age can be beneficial because allergies will be covered under Trupanion’s policy, if they have not been previously diagnosed and considered a pre-existing condition.

Check out our recent press release on preparing pet owners about pet allergies for further information.

Also, for more information on pet allergies and other pet health concerns, take a look at Trupanion’s new Health Concerns Guide for your cat or dog.

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