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Pet Health Concerns: Alopecia

There are many conditions and diseases that may cause complete or partial hair loss. Some conditions may be considered to be normal while others can indicate serious underlying issues. Some factors to hair loss may be scratching or chewing, hair follicle disease, allergies, or infections.

Alopecia is the description of hair loss in pets that may eventually result in baldness. It typically occurs in specific dog breeds on the ears, head, thighs, chest, and belly. Alopecia can be seen in many forms, including various hereditary types, skin problems, allergies, or immune disorders.

In order to obtain a proper diagnosis, it is important to know the pet’s medical history, how long alopecia has been occurring, the severity of it, if hair has re-grown, is itching involved, and if any medications were taken. Alopecia itself is not treatable, however in many cases; the secondary symptoms (such as allergies, infections, etc.) can be treated.

Enrolling your dog with dog insurance can be beneficial because alopecia, allergies, hereditary and congenital conditions are covered under Trupanion’s pet insurance policy, if they have not been previously diagnosed and considered a pre-existing condition.

For more information on alopecia and other pet health concerns, take a look at Trupanion’s Pet Health Concerns Guide.

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