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Pet of the Week: Frankie

Frankie the puppy

Meet Frankie the Beagle-Cocker Spaniel mix!

Frankie is still a baby at just 4 months old. He was from a rescue group when he was just 8 weeks old. His owners say he’s a “big dog in a little dog’s body” because he loves playing with the biggest dogs on the block. Frankie is extremely friendly and loves any person he comes in contact with.

He loves digging, belly rubs, playing fetch, the beach, and playing with his favorite squeak toy “Mr. Squirrel”. He will do anything for a treat, and has already mastered paw, lay down, and sit. He even does them without us telling him, like when he sees us eating a snack or holding something that he wants.

Frankie’s owner says “Frankie is just a sweet, fun loving dog, who is eager to please. He has truly changed the lives of our family and has brought so much joy into our lives.”

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