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Raining On My Parade


I think its official, I have the two laziest dogs ever. I wouldn’t necessarily call them “lap dogs” they’re more like “couch, floor, coffee table, anywhere-I-can-find-a-place-to-lay-down dogs” & my word, they snore! Especially my poodle! she snores like a freight train. They’ll sleep in as long as someone sleeps in with them & I’d be lying if I said I didn’t take advantage of this from time to time, especially on rainy days. I know as soon as I roll out of bed they’ll be scratching at the door needing to go out, but as long as I lay still, they’ll remain asleep.

Misty James

Its a rainy day today & I didn’t have to be anywhere this morning so of course I slept in. They aren’t really too fond of the rain. Our apartment is on an upper floor & they’ll run their little hearts out to get downstairs to the outside world to use the bathroom but once they get out there and see the rain falling from the sky they come to a dead stop & turn and look at me as if I’m supposed to turn off the rain or something. It’s like Christmas morning when you’re so excited, then that disappointment you get when you’re forced to open your gift from your great aunt first and we all know it’s gonna be that same Christmas sweater that you got last year & the year before. The rain is to my dogs, what the Christmas sweater is to us.

But, on the bright side, Waylon’s favorite on Survivor pulled off an epic blindside this week!


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