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Shy Dogs: How to Bring Them Out of Their Shell

Just like people, some dogs may be more shy than others. There are many things you can do to help him become more comfortable in his surroundings.

A recent article provided by the Michigan Humane Society provided us with some tips on how to behave around a shy dog and I wanted to reiterate these great ideas.

  1. Your body language says a lot to a dog. The most important thing is to be slow and gentle in your movements around a shy dog.
  2. Don’t hover over a shy dog as it may make him feel trapped.
  3. Lab mix dog blue eyes pet insurance TrupanionSpeak in slow, soft, and soothing tones.
  4. Rather than approaching a dog straight-on, face your side toward him to make yourself more approachable.
  5. Approach a shy dog very slowly, and if it seems too fearful, then wait for it to approach you.
  6. Be very patient. If he approaches you, don’t hug him or trap him, but let him become comfortable with you in his own time.
  7. Don’t block a shy dog into a corner and always make sure they have an escape route if they may feel the need to get away.
  8. Crouch down to get on the dog’s level and offer a scratch under the chin rather than over the head.
  9. Positive reinforcement is a great tool. Continue to offer treats and love and never anger or scolding.
  10. A great way to build trust and confidence is with training. Practice teaching tricks or enroll your dog in a training class.

Do you have a shy dog or more tips? Share them with us!

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