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Spaying and Neutering – Why It’s Important

We all hear on a pretty regular basis to spay and neuter our pets, even Bob Barker used to remind us at the end of every “Price Is Right” episode.

Maybe you don’t want to neuter your pet because it never sees any other animals so there’s no risk of pregnancy, or maybe you want to keep your options open for breeding in the future. Well here are a few facts that might make you reconsider.

• Of course, the most obvious reason to spay or neuter your pet is to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Yes, puppies and kittens are cute, but there is already an overpopulation of pets in this country. Did you know that about 30,000 pets are euthanized every day?

• Spaying a female before her first or second heat will greatly reduce her risks of cancer including mammary cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, and uterine disease.

• Intact females are also at greater risk of pyometra which is a life-threatening condition of inflammation in the uterus.

• A cat or dog does not need to have at least 1 litter to be healthy, nor will they “miss” motherhood.

• Intact males are more prone to testicular cancer and prostate problems.

• Getting your male cat or dog neutered will stop him from spraying or territorial marking, fighting with other males (over females), wandering away from home, and will also lengthen and improve his quality of life.

All of these health risks mean potential suffering for your pet, as well as expensive vet bills (suffering for your wallet). Reconsider spaying and neutering your pets to ensure them longer and healthier lives and less money toward veterinary bills in the long run.

*Facts from CatStuff: Facts and Trivia and The Anti-Cruelty Society


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