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Spend Time With Your Pet on Easter

Easter. The time to spend the entire day with family and loved ones. But what about your pets? You need to spend some quality time with them too! You may ask yourself, what should we do? How should I treat them? Well, here are some ideas:

  1. Make Easter egg baskets that include yummy treats. Dogs and cats love treats! Especially their favorite kind!
  2. Dress them up in Easter-themed attire. We know that all pets just loooove dressing up! Get some bunny ears on that pup and snap some shots!
  3. Buy a new toy! Your cat’s scratching post is looking a little old. Treat them to a new one for Easter!   
  4. Have your dog participate with the kids in the Easter egg hunt! Who knows how many eggs they will find!
  5. Include your kitty in the Easter bunny photo. Don’t leave them out just because they aren’t human!

Easter is a fun holiday where eating lots of bunnies is okay (chocolate covered, of course)! Just be sure you don’t leave any around. If you didn’t get a chance to read the blog, find out how chocolate can be toxic. You don’t want to celebrate this day by taking your pet to the vet! Have a safe Easter!

*Photo courtesy http://pet-fun.blogspot.com/


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