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What is Not Covered with Dog Insurance?

As I’ve mentioned in a past blog, many people are confused at the notion of dog insurance, and assume that it covers loss if your pet is lost or stolen. Well, let me set the record straight, dog insurance is not property insurance. If your pet is lost or stolen, most companies will not pay you to get a new pet. Rather, dog insurance is more comparable to human health insurance, in that it was created to protect you against hefty vet bills if something were to happen to your pet’s health.

Exclusions to a dog insurance policy really differ from company to company, but all companies exclude pre-existing conditions. Some companies will allow coverage of a pre-existing condition, given that the dog has completely recovered for a given period of time, but the general rule of thumb is that if the condition occurred or showed signs or symptoms before you sign up (or during the waiting periods) then the condition will not be covered.

Similarly, many dog insurance plans will not cover hereditary or congenital disorders. That is, issues that were passed on through breeding or that were present at time of birth (even if you didn’t know it). However, Trupanion’s dog insurance plan covers both. Say your pet was born with a congenital heart problem, and you get insurance for him as a puppy (cause, you’re so smart), then when he turns 4 you figure out that something is going on. While some pet insurance companies may deny coverage for this condition, Trupanion would cover all diagnostic tests, surgeries, and medications that it took to get your pup back to health.

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