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What is your favorite unusual pet name?

Trupanion has a very wide variety of pets enrolled with pet insurance, from small to big, hairy to hairless, and everywhere in between. What is even more intriguing is the variety of pet names that people come up with. Below are the top ten most unusual pet names (in our opinion) from our pet insurance database. Which is your favorite?dog princess crown queen pet insurance

  1. Captain Ozzy Crunch
  2. Beans Explosion
  3. Mr. Otis Beefy
  4. Alfred Doolittle
  5. Bo$$ Love
  6. Botox (a Shar Pei)
  7. Dr. Lola Pickles
  8. Sir Zygomaticus Fang III
  9. ZZ Scuttlebutt
  10. Princess Booger

Vote for your favorite pet name by adding a comment. We’ll randomly select one commenter to receive $25 to Petco! *NOTE: Winner has been chosen and notified. 4/29/10


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