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A Dog By Many Other Names

Before I officially adopted Finnegan, I did a lot of reading. I wanted to change his name. And I wanted to do it the right way. My research said to do it slowly…that the dog may not take to the new name right away.

This Irish lad got to chose his new name.

You see, Finnegan didn’t start out as Finnegan. He was born Niro, short for DeNiro (yes, after Robert DeNiro). But he never responded when called. By this time, he had been home for two days. I’d call Niro and he’d glance around the room as if to say “who’s that?”

I figured “Irish dog? He just needs a good Irish name.” So I recited every Irish name I could think of. Liam, Fergus…but nothing. Finn just stood motionless by the bed.

And then I said it. I called Finnegan. Oh boy! He ran and flung himself at me. He chose his name…and from that point on he was forever Finnegan.

Now, Finn has well over 30 nicknames: Finnadoo, Finnguini, Finnochio (just to name a few). And much to his delight, Finney also has a several songs rewritten with his name inserted. Funny how a dog who didn’t know who he was now comes running to any one of a half dozen nicknames.

Anyone else change the name of your rescue? How many nicknames does your dog have?


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