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Affordable Cat Insurance

There are some people who view pet insurance as a luxury and it is too costly to have. Although, in reality, pet insurance can be as affordable as you can make it. Lucky for everyone, Trupanion offers a customizable deductible where you can choose your own deductible ranging from a low as $0 dollars to $1,000. This deductible option allows you to choose in $5 dollar increments. You will notice, if you choose a high deductible like $1,000 dollars, than your monthly premium would be cheaper than it would be if you would have chosen a lower deductible like $50.

As you can see, pet insurance can be pretty affordable depending on what option you choose. Doing a free quote (if you don’t already have pet insurance) is the simplest way to see all your options.

Cat insurance can definitely fit within your budget. For example, a Tonkinese cat that is 2 years old and lives in Seattle ranges from $12 -$24 dollars per month. If you can afford not to eat out just one night that month or instead of going to watch that movie that is out in theatres, you can really show your love for your cat with cat insurance.

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