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Axel’s Pet Insurance Testimonial

Pet Name: Axel
Treated For: Pelvis Cancer, Neoplasia in hips, Vertebral Canal Stenosis
Total Repaid: $8,642.35

The care, compassion and efficiency of Trupanion was unbelievable when our dog was sick and needed several expensive tests done, which we would not have been able to afford without Trupanion. With all the stress of having a sick dog, the stress free experience EVERY time we submitted an invoice was so appreciated. I would generally receive an email stating that the invoice had been rec’d within a day or two of the vet faxing it and would have the check in my mail within a week and a half. Amazing! And the ONE time that Trupanion missed an invoice, the speed and accuracy at which it was corrected was fantastic. I got two emails from different people checking up to make sure it was being taken care of.

Unfortunately, our beloved dog Axel who was only 3yrs old was diagnosed with advanced stage cancer and although it was a terribly painful decision to put him down we were able to make that difficult decision knowing that we did every test necessary to be sure the diagnosis was correct and the only way we could afford to do that was because of Trupanion. Although we miss Axel terribly we carry no guilt because we know we did everything we could possibly do for him.

I have since referred two friends to Trupanion and have a few more who are looking into it. I sing your praises to anyone that will listen and feel a sense of relief now that our new puppy is covered too. Thanks so much!!!

– Debbie U.

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