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Bed Invaders

Porky playing nurse

The only space in this house that is mine is the bed. Every night I crawl into bed with my mom and we cuddle into our space. I get some love no matter how the day has gone. It’s my favorite time of day. My ears are rubbed, my tummy pat, and I get some alone time. Last night something started. One of my kids crawled in. I could tell something wasn’t right so I moved over. We watched “Peter Pan” once and although I don’t think of myself as Nana I take care of my family. So I moved over and made room for my child. Soon Miss Piggy followed. Ok, it was her kid so I decided it was ok for the night, right? Before I knew it there were two kids, a dog, and two cats in the bed. A leg on me, snoring in my ear, and I was hanging off MY bed! Bulldogs can snore let me tell you. I had to wake up my mom because my kid Katelynn was very sick. Although I don’t think I want to share my bed  every night I’m glad I did last night. It was nice to have everyone together. I love my family and knowing they were all safe and next to me was nice. Tonight as I’m laying here I’m taking up the WHOLE bed. My mom is going to have to find a space around me. One night is ok but we won’t make it a habit! A dog has to have a place of his own!

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