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Cat insurance for Indoor Cats!

Cat Insurance

Many may wonder if they should consider getting cat insurance because their cat is just an indoor cat. In a sense a cat being an indoor cat should reduce all the risk of getting injured because they are not exposed to the dangers that are difficult to prevent. Even so, indoor cats can still get injured. Cats are curious and you never know what they are going to get into! They might get stuck in the most random places like that tiny crevice behind your couch! And while trying to escape they hurt themselves.

Indoor cats can also get sick too. You can never know if and when your cat will come down with a disease or illness. If you took a look at the Trupanion’s breed guide, you can look up your cat’s breed and see what are common illnesses that your cat is prone to. Not only that with the breed guide there is a little history and characteristics of your cat!

In the end it doesn’t matter if your cat is indoor or outdoor, cat insurance will benefit you in any way that it can!

Photo Courtesy of: The Conscious Cat

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