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Cat Insurance for Outdoor Cats

So you have an outdoor cat. Do you have cat insurance for your furry feline? I certainly hope the answer is YES! Having cat insurance for your cat is pretty imperative especially if they like to hang outside on the porch. You have to keep in mind that cats can get easily distracted, so when they see something that catches their eye, like a butterfly, they might chase it. If your cat is out on the streets, the unimaginable can happen. It looks like car accidents are the most common injury or death for outdoor cats. This is completely unfortunate.  Not only that but out in the real world there are other animals that sees your outdoor cat as dinner. I hear that it is becoming more and more common for coyotes and bears to be popping up in peoples backyard. Your cat can get hurt defending themselves.

With cat insurance, although it won’t bring your beloved kitty back to life, but it can help you financially afford those vet bills for their injuries. It really bums me out when I have to read that someone’s cat was hit by car. Not only that but when they took them to the vet, they were unable to afford to pay the bill and the person decided to euthanize their cat. I know that this is a hard decision but I believe it is a decision that you don’t need to make. You don’t have to put your cat to sleep because you can’t afford it! Cat insurance is there for you!

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