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Cato Potato – Pixie Bob

I mentioned recently that I lost my cat to a coyote a few months ago.  Have planned not to get another pet for awhile, because I was strongly attached to Cato and feel weird about the idea of “replacing” him.  Also, I’m afraid that because he would be a tough act to follow, I would be disappointed with a new pet, and that wouldn’t be fair to the animal.  But…one of my neighbors stopped when I was outside last week and asked if I was the person with the Pixie Bob.  She said she had a great connection to a breeder, and that “Pixie Bobs are just cool.”

I’ve only ever known the one I had, so I can’t speak to the breed generally, but maybe he was representative.  He was wildly playful and mischievous the first year;  I didn’t know, then, about pet insurance, but the damage he could do with all those extra claws did put “cat” and “insurance” together in my mind.  Not to mention the fact that he liked to hide in the hedge and jump out at pedestrians.  The woman who ran the neighborhood bakery saw him at a block party.  She said, “Is that your cat?  He jumped out of the bushes at me last week, and surprised me so much I spilled my coffee.”

Practically speaking, I can’t get a kitten right now because I’m not home during the day and my kids aren’t home enough to cover those first few months when he or she shouldn’t be left alone for hours at a time.  I’m not completely shelving the idea, though.  Hmm…a little Pixie Bob kitten.

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