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Chocolate Labs Shouldn’t Eat Chocolate

I was thinking about Chocolate Labs today and it got me to wonder why they would name a breed after something that it shouldn’t eat. I guess “Brown Labrador” is too plain a name (but then why isn’t the Yellow Lab called a Canary Lab or a Sunshine Lab)?

So I decided to investigate and try to find the origin of the name “Chocolate” in relation to Labrador Retrievers. Through my brief internet search, I did not come up with anything explaining the name, however I did come across some interesting information about the history of Chocolate Labrador Retrievers.

chocolate black labrador lab retriever dog Trupanion pet insuranceAccording to, Chocolate Labs used to be the least favorite color (and believed to be genetically not up-to-par) so people tried to remove them from the gene pool by tossing them in the swimming pool (in other words, they were typically drowned).

Genetics studies later proved them to be just as worthy of the Labrador Retriever name as any other color Lab so the efforts to revive the breed appeared in the likes of breeding Labradors with any other brown thing with four legs. Interesting.

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