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Dog insurance and older dogs

When discussing the idea of getting pet insurance for dogs, many people think that you don’t really need to get it until the dog is a little older, when they’re more apt to develop health issues. While that may not be entirely true, (click here to read more about insuring pets at a young age), it is still good to look into getting insurance for older pets.

We at Trupanion strongly urge dog owners to look into dog insurance as young as possible. However, we know that pet insurance in North America is still a relatively new concept, so many people don’t discover its existence until their pet is much older.

As I’ve discussed before, pet insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions, so if your dog has had medical conditions throughout his or her life, don’t expect those to be covered with a pet insurance plan. However, accidents and illnesses can happen to pets of any age. For example, it’s common that diseases such as cancer and diabetes don’t develop until a pet is much older. If you have any concerns about these age-related illnesses for your dog, and your dog hasn’t already shown any signs or symptoms, then it’s not too late to get pet insurance and have these things be covered.

You can learn more about what breed-specific conditions that your dog may be prone to in our dog breed guide.

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