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Dog Tricks: Treat on Nose

Teaching your dog tricks is an excellent way to interact with your pet and can help you both build a stronger bond. Teaching your pet tricks is excellent for improving pet health, it’s a great outlet for energy, and can improve your pet’s confidence. This week, let’s learn how to teach our pets the “treat on nose” trick!

Begin by having your dog sit or lie down, and make sure that you have their full attention. Gently hold your dogs muzzle and place a small piece of your dog’s favorite dog treat on the middle (flat part) of their nose, then say “stay” or “leave it”. Let your dog get the treat when you give them a command, such as “ok!” Be sure to enthusiastically praise your dog and just have fun together!

Each time you do it, increase the duration of time in between the time that you put the treat on your dog’s nose and when you let them get it. It will take some practice and patience, but it’s a fun way to give your dog treats! Repeat it several times per day, several days in a row, and with time, practice, and patience, your dog will learn this fun new trick!

If you have already taught your dog how to do this treat on nose trick, let us know how you did it and if you can offer other pet owners some advice!

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