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Finicky Fiona and the Magical Goose Poop

Once upon a time in a kingdom known as boo-ti-ful New Jersey there lived a little Kerry Blue lass named Fiona.

Fiona did not want to eat her dinner.

At suppertime, she’d turn away – unable to face her bowl.

Chef Daddy didn’t know what to do. He’d cook hamburger, chicken and sometimes pork chops, too. Anything he could think of to tantalize her refined taste buds.

But no…Fiona would just hold up her paw in disinterest. She’d go like this for days on end. Oh, how shall we get sweet Fiona to eat?

One day we journeyed from our homestead to a nearby park with a lovely lake. We had the whole puppy crew with us. It was then we found the answer. It was like…magic.

Fiona disappeared behind a nearby bush. When we peeked over the branches, we discovered Fiona doing something most unusual.

Mommy, goose poop is delicious!

She was eating! What delicate morsel had awakened her appetite?

To our disgust, we learned the answer: she was eating goose poop. Fiona looked up at us with a devilish grin.

At last, we had found something that appealed to her sophisticated palate. But alas: it was no dainty delicacy. We promptly scooped her up and whisked her away, refusing any puppy kisses for the next few hours.

Author’s note: The above tale is an exaggeration, but only a slight one. Miss Fiona is indeed the finickiest of finicky eaters. Trying to find something that pleases her is a weekly challenge. And, yes, she does try to eat goose poop.

Anyone else have a finicky eater?

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