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Fun In The Sun

I love the beach!  Running around with the wind in my hair.. Getting dirty.  I love walking up to all the other dogs Mom’s and hearing what a handsome boy I am.  I don’t understand how all the other dogs don’t like me.  Sometimes the smallest dogs are the meanest!  I go running with my nubbin in between my legs and hide behind my mom.  My sisters go with me.  They all love playing with the other dogs.  Since I won’t play fetch they throw balls for other dogs, Miss Piggy lays in the sand and we all have a good time.  I love the water even though everyone says Bulldogs shouldn’t be able to swim. 

I don’t like it when people get scared of me.  I’m just a big love!  When we are done with the beach I’m so tired.  I wish my mom would carry me back to the car!  It’s a fun day and I am always up for another adventure.

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