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How do I find out if my veterinarian will accept dog insurance?

Since I’ve been in the pet insurance industry for over two years, I have come to assume that everyone knows how pet insurance works. It’s not until I have the unsuspecting pet owner knock me back into reality, that I remember that this is still a fairly unknown service (at least in the US).

Yesterday I was chatting with a very experienced dog owner who was aware that dog insurance existed and loved Trupanion’s website and wanted to sign up, but didn’t think that their veterinarian accepted dog insurance. I almost gasped aloud! She had made this finding a few months back and didn’t sign up because of it. Since most people are aware of how their own human insurance works, this isn’t really surprising to me (now that I think about it).


…dog insurance is not like human health insurance! In fact, it resembles more closely car insurance or other property insurance. As it turns out, you can choose whatever vet you want! It’s not actually up to them. All that we (the insurance company) require from the vet, is for them to sign your claim form and possibly fax over medical records.

With Trupanion’s dog insurance plan, we even reimburse the fees that your vet has set out (at 90%, of course). Some companies choose to create a benefit fee schedule, in which they will reimburse up to $X for X procedure, no matter how much your vet actually charges.
So let it be known to the world! Any dog owner can get dog insurance, regardless of the veterinarian that you attend!

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