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I go to school!

I love kids.  Some are nice, some are scared and some are very mean.  I love going to farmers markets, the beach, and soccer games.  Kids come up and scratch my ears and I just lay down and let them.  So in one week I went to preschool and first grade. 

The preschool kids were very sweet.  Only one was scared and I like teaching them that big dogs are nice.  I like teaching them how to pet me.  My mom tells them always to ask before petting a dog.  We teach them as much as we can and I get so much love!  I couldn’t ask for a better day.  Plus I like car rides.

First grade is a little harder.  The kids have lots of questions and some already have had some bad expierences with dogs.  I have to do all my tricks to impress them.  I sit, shake, down, and let my sister give me a treat out of her mouth.  Yuck!  Sharing food with a 7 year old!  Some of the kids are a little rough but the teacher watches very close.  I get to hear all about their dogs.  I like teaching everyone about shelter dogs.  I hope they remember to adpot.  I am a second chance dog and I love my family more than anything.  My sister loves showing me off and telling them all about me!  I can’t wait for next year.  I think I’ve graduated first grade and I can’t wait to go to second.

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