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It’s No Longer the "Cat" Walk

Yes I am a model!  I love it too.  My mom decided to take some pin up pictures with my sister Miss Piggy and I.  Although we’ve had family photos before this was different.  The day of the pictures, my human sister decided to paint me all sorts of colors.  I have no idea why Mom was so mad at her.  I looked like a rainbow dog.  So in a rush we headed down to the studio.  I had to wait forever in a new yard.  It was so much fun!  Piggy and I got so dirty rolling in mud and smelling everything.  There were so many dogs there.  Most of them were little and so loud.  I watched inside to see when it was my turn.  Finally it was my turn and I rocked it!  They made me do some silly things Working it

A scarf! Yawn… I can do better!

I loved all the attention I got.  The photographers Alisha and Holland tried to give me treats.. Ha!  I don’t do treats!  She used squeaky toys.  She forgot I have two kids at home.  I eat squeaky treats when I’m mad!  I made her work for the shot.  They can be as silly as they want but I only work during union time!

Finally I gave in!  I gave them the shot they needed for the pin up.  After all I am adorable and I didn’t want to hear Miss Piggy was cuter!  So now that I’m a model I expect the life of one!  I can walk the dog walk, lay on whatever bed I want and get served on demand.. wait.. I already had that!

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